February 22, 2011


To:                   SPEEA Council Delegates

From:              Organizational Planning Committee

Subject:           Pre-submitted New Business: Association with International Labor Communications Association



The SPEEA Organizational Planning Committee has reviewed the International Labor Communications Association (ILCA) to determine if the ILCA is a good fit for the SPEEA Council and the SPEEA membership.

This is a housekeeping activity in response to an action by the SPEEA Executive Board on 2/3/2011 which neglected to seek Organizational Planning Committee review and approval by the SPEEA Council prior to seeking affiliation and membership in the ILCA per SPEEA Policy.

According to their web site ( http://ilcaonline.org/ ), “the International Labor Communications Association, founded in 1955, is the professional organization of labor communicators in North America.”  ILCA membership is open to national, regional, and local union publications and to media productions affiliated with the AFL-CIO, Change to Win and the CLC, as well as to associate members not affiliated with those bodies.  The ILCA's several hundred members produce publications with a total circulation in the tens of millions.

The Committee believes that ILCA has an advantage to SPEEA by involvement in the greater labor community and sending a strong public voice.


It is moved that: THE SPEEA COUNCIL approves ASSOCIATION WITH THE international labor communications association (ILCA) With AN ANNUAL dues payment OF $500 for membership in this organization.