January 31st, 2011



TO:                         SPEEA Northwest Council


FROM:                  SPEEA Northwest Governing Documents Committee







Northwest Policy needs to be revised to accommodate and coincide with the CESO calendar.


It is moved that the following changes be implemented to SPEEA Northwest Policy VII-D:


Added text is Bolded and Underlined, deleted text is Bolded and Struck Through


Membership in the Council of Engineers and Scientists Organizations (CESO) was authorized by the SPEEA Executive Board, in the late 1960's and rescinded by the SPEEA Council in June 1975. Membership in CESO was re-authorized by the SPEEA Council in April 1978 (SPEEA Policy Section V). The SPEEA Council assigned the delegate responsibility to the Northwest Council in 2003.


1. Election of CESO representatives to act as the Northwest Regional Delegate:

a. The number of positions allotted to SPEEA will be based on current CESO Rules of Procedure, Article IX Finance.

b. A call for delegate applications will be advertised sixty (60) days prior to the July May meeting in the SPEEA Spotlite and a minimum of two (2) consecutive Newsletters.

c. Any member of the Northwest Region in continuous good standing for the previous two (2) years is eligible to stand for election.

d. Each candidate shall provide a platform statement stating his or her qualifications and a summary of SPEEA activism of no more than 200 words at least two (2) weeks prior to the July Northwest Regional Council Meeting.

e. Each candidate shall be invited to attend the July Northwest Regional Council Meeting for the purpose of making a two (2) minute oral address to the Northwest Regional Council.

f. The delegates shall be elected by a majority vote of the Northwest Regional Council.

g. At the July May Northwest Regional Council meeting, an Alternate Delegate shall also be elected per above to act in the place of a representative unable to attend a CESO meeting.

2. A vacancy will be declared when a CESO Northwest Regional Delegate is unable to finish the term, resigns, or is recalled by the Northwest Regional Council.

a. Should a vacancy be declared, the current Alternate shall be seated as a CESO Northwest Regional Delegate and a new alternate shall be elected at the next a regular meeting of the Northwest Regional Council to serve for the remainder of the term.

b. Should subsequent vacancies occur, the Northwest Regional Council shall elect a replacement(s) to hold the vacated position(s) for the remainder of the term by the process above.


3. Recall of a CESO NW Regional Delegate shall be by a simple majority vote at a Northwest Regional Council meeting.


4. The Northwest Council may request funding for additional representatives who are not covered by CESO association fees. They may participate, but do not have voting rights.


5. Duties of the CESO Northwest Regional Delegates:


a. The elected representatives Delegate vote shall be cast as a consensus vote. They shall choose a spokesperson to cast the CESO Northwest Regional Delegate vote and shall act in accordance with the positions taken by the Northwest and SPEEA Councils. Direction on specific issues from the Northwest Regional Council will be relayed by the Northwest Regional Council Officers.


b. Where Council positions are not available, the representatives acting as the CESO Northwest Regional Delegate may represent SPEEA's interests after taking into consideration past Council direction on similar issue(s) and acting in good faith with the perceived best interests of the SPEEA membership.


c. Support of legislative, public affairs or endorsements where there is no Council position should be referred to the SPEEA and the Northwest Legislative and Public Affairs Committees in accordance with Northwest Policy Section V, or the SPEEA L&PA Committee in accordance with Section V of the SPEEA Policy.

d. The representatives acting as the CESO Northwest Regional Delegate shall submit a written report on the issues and events of each CESO meeting attended prior to the next regular Northwest Regional Council Meeting. A concise oral report shall be presented by the spokesperson at that meeting. This report shall include all issues on which a position was taken without Council direction.