September 1, 2010




TO:††††††††††††††† Northwest Council Delegates


FROM:††††††††††† Ron Shoemaker A-20


SUBJECT:††††† Pre-Submitted New Business:Recall of Council Chair





SPEEA Constitution


6.2.1.††††††† Regional Council Chairman

The presiding officer of a meeting is called the Chairman.The Chairmanís purpose is to serve the will of the assembly rather than to restrain it, to facilitate the expression of their deliberative sense.The Chairman should set an example of courtesy, and shall be impartial on any issue before the assembly.The Chairman is entitled to vote only when the vote is by ballot (but not after the ballots have commenced to be counted), and in all other cases where the Chairmanís vote would change the result.

The Council Chairman shall preside over the Council.The Council Chairman or designee shall be permitted to act as an observer at all Executive Board meetings, and negotiation meetings within the Region.

The Chairman is an Ex-Officio member of all committees under the jurisdiction of the Regional Council.

6.2.2.††††††† Regional Council Treasurer

Ö The Treasurer shall perform the duties of the Chairman and/or Secretary in the absence of either of these officers.


6.2.3.††††††† Regional Council Secretary

Ö The Secretary shall perform the duties of the Treasurer in the absence of the Treasurer.


6.4.7.††††††† Recall and Replacement of Regional Council Officers

The Regional Council may, by 2/3rd majority vote, recall and/or replace a Regional Council Officer.Replacement Officers immediately assume the duties and responsibilities of the office and their term of office shall be the remaining term.




It is moved that:THE NORTHWEST COUNCIL RECALLS THE NORTHWEST COUNCIL CHAIR AND DECLARES THE POSITION VACANT and calls for a new election of the vacant position.


this Requires a 2/3 NW council majority vote.