October 29, 2010



To:                   NW Council Representatives


From:              Joel Funfar (P2), Bob Wilkerson (R50), Ron Mathes (D6), Wendell Dang (P3), Rick Yost (P10), Bob Weiss (E17), Joseph Asaif (P2), Dave Silkroski (D5), Dave Baine (A40), Brent McFarlane (E50)


Subject:           Pre-Submitted New Business:  Oppose and protest Mexico’s Aerospace Industry Conference in Seattle.



SPEEA has seen an event like this in Wichita cancelled when news of a possible protest of the event made the news. This event on December 2, 2010 at the Hilton Seattle Airport Hotel will be an Aerospace Industry Conference with Industry analysis and “Near Shore” manufacturing. This is a conference to outsource aerospace jobs to Mexico.


For more information: http://www.mnconference.com/aerospace_speakers.html



  • Learn why Mexico's Aeronautical Industry has grown from 100 manufacturers in 2004 to over 300 in 2010
  • Gain knowledge of the competitive advantages aerospace manufacturers enjoy in Mexico. Click here to view geographical location of aerospace companies in Mexico, including: Cessna, Bombardier, Honeywell, Zodiac, Safran, Goodrich, Triumph, GE, Textron International Mexico, Pratt & Whitney, Hawker Beechcraft, Daher and many others
  • Objectively analyze the present and future business conditions of the Aerospace Industry in Mexico
  • Obtain detailed and privileged information on the current state and development potential of Mexico’s Aerospace Industry
  • Interact with Mexico's aerospace products plant managers
  • Develop an itemized cost operating pro-forma of a potential offshore manufacturing project in Mexico
  • Hear from industry experts and OEM’s about the opportunities to participate in Mexico’s Aerospace Industry value chain

Some of the speakers and topics are:

Boeing, Supply Chain Opportunities
Dustin Robinson, BOEING COMMERCIAL AIRPLANES, Regional Director Americas, Business Development & Global Strategy

Successful Aerospace Off-shoring, Case Studies
Luc Beaudoin, THE EVEREST GROUP, Vice President Aerospace

Mexico, Globalization and the Aerospace Industry
Sergio Ornelas, MEXICONOW, Editor

Perspectives of Human Resources for Offshore Manufacturing in Mexico
Emilio Cadena, GRUPO PRODENSA, President




It is moved that the SPEEA NW Regional Council strongly opposes Mexico’s Aerospace Industry Conference that will be held on December 2, 2010 at the Hilton, Seattle Airport Hotel.


It is further moved that the SPEEA NW Regional Council supports having SPEEA members protest the conference using SPEEA banners and informational picketing signs.  Request the SPEEA Executive Board authorize SPEEA time for those who plan to attend any planned protest. Encourage SPEEA to work with other IFPTE Locals, the Coalition of Labor Unions at Boeing (CLUB), other Unions, Labor Councils, and groups willing to protest this conference.