May 1, 2010



To:†††††††††††††††††† NW Council Representatives


From:††††††††††††† Joel Funfar (P2), Joe Asaif (P2), Dave Baine (A40), Bob Wilkerson (R-50), Brent McFarlane (E50), Barbara Campbell (E16), Mark Peltier (E11), Doug Bell(P1), Wendell Dang (P3), Judy Mogan (A10)


Subject: ††††††††† Pre-Submitted New Business: Support of UFCW Locals 21 & 81, Teamsters Local 38 In Negotiations With Assorted Grocery Chains and Independent Stores



SPEEA was supported by UFCW (United Food and Commercial Workers) & Teamsters during our strike in 2000. Currently, approximately 25,000 Puget Sound grocery store workers from 3 unions ( UFCW Locals 21 & 81 Meat cutters, Teamsters local 38 Snohomish county), are standing together in contract negotiations for the respect and dignity of an honest wage every day, reliable hours every week.


Grocery store workers are negotiating a union contract with Safeway, Kroger (QFC & Fred Meyer), and Supervalu (Albertsons) ó three of the 50 biggest companies in the nation. These big national chains boast about their strong business prospects, and their CEOs took home a combined $30 million last year. Grocery workers donít expect to get rich at their jobs ó but they do expect to be treated with respect, and to earn fair pay for hard work. Thatís why theyíre fighting for a fair contract that will:

Improve wages, Protect health benefits, Secure the pension plan, Offer more dependable work schedules with reliable hours and more than 3 dayís notice, Provide paid sick leave, so workers can take a day off when they are sick.

Here is a picture of Puget Sound grocery workers:

57% are women, 30% are 25 years old or younger, The average worker only gets scheduled to work 28 hours a week ó even when they want to

work more hours, 25% said they came to work sick in the last year because they did not have access to paid sick leave.


Union Grocery Stores:

The National Chains Ė Kroger (Includes QFC & Fred Meyer), Safeway, Supervalu (Includes Albertsons).


Independents - Albertís Red Apple, Allen Creek Thriftway, Ballinger Terrace

Thriftway, Bertís Red Apple, Birchbay Market, Bridle Trails Red Apple, Brown & Cole, Camano Plaza Market, Cost Cutters, Food Emporium, Food Pavilion, Forks Thriftway, Haggen, Boulevard Park Thriftway, Front Street Market, Kenís Korner Red Apple, Lakemont Thriftway, Madison Market, Metropolitan Market, Mt. Vernon Red Apple, Payless Foods, PCC Natural Markets, Prairie Center Red Apple, Red Apple (Hilltop), Red Apple (Promenade Market), Rogerís Market Place, Saarís, Sunset Market Place, The Markets, Top Foods, Town & Country (Bainbridge, Ballard, Greenwood, Mill Creek, Poulsbo, Shoreline), Tukwila Trading Company, Vashon Thriftway, West Seattle Thriftway.






For more information:


The Actions: The week leading up to Mother's Day, UFCW is launching their action plan with six actions in six cities on six different days. Take Action to Stand UP for Working Moms: click here to sign up for a store action in your area May 4th - May 9th - the week leading up to Mothers Day:





It is moved that the NW SPEEA Council supports UFCW local 21 and associated unions in their struggle in negotiations with the national grocery store chains and independently owned grocery stores. The NW Council requests the Executive Board provide Staff with direction to take steps in informing our members about this issue via our publications and information networks and urge our members to shop at union grocery stores.


It is further moved that the Northwest Council supports giving up to $3000.00 out of the annually budgeted labor support fund, should a strike happen and support is needed by UFCW 21, 81 or Teamsters Local 38.


The NW council requests the SPEEA Executive Board to contact UFCW Local 21 Leadership if a strike occurs, and help is needed, to work with the UFCW on how to send the support.