August 4, 2010



To: ††††† ††††††††††† SPEEA NW Council


From: ††††††††††††† SPEEA NW Labor Delegates Committee and the NW Legislative and Public ††††Affairs Committee


Subject:†††††††††† Pre-Submitted New Business: Revising NW Policy to Specially Allow Labor ††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† Delegates to Participate in Committee on Political Education (COPE) Votes at all †††††††††††††††††††††††† Northwest Labor Councils.





While there is no current prohibition in any SPEEA or NW Council documents that prevents the NW Labor delegates from participating in COPE votes it has been the unofficial policy of the delegates to not participate in the process.This has been the case solely because of the council position against or lack of the councilís endorsement of candidates even though a COPE vote is not an authorization for a candidate to claim an endorsement by SPEEA.


Allowing the Labor Delegates to participate in COPE votes will provide SPEEA with added influence among political office holders and other union locals.The Labor Delegates have been asked for their support by candidates on numerous occasions or by other unions to support or not support candidates.The Labor Delegates have declined to do so for the reason stated above to the detriment of SPEEA.


We, at SPEEA, are wasting the potential to develop alliances with political office holders who are in positions to help us by supporting issues that we care about.Currently we lack the ability to form the reciprocal relationships that would provide the support of those office holders.


Allowing the COPE votes does not allow any candidate to state that they have SPEEAís endorsement but it will provide us with an opportunity to create better alliances with elected officials who can help us support the interests of members of SPEEA.





It is moved that: The SPEEA NW Council revises the SPEEA Northwest Policy Section VII, Subsection A.1 by adding the following:

††††††††††† b. NW delegates may participate in Committee on Political Education (COPE) votes acting in accordance with the NW Councilís interests, taking into consideration past specific council direction and acting with good intent.



Attachment:SPEEA Northwest Policy Manual Section VII, Subsection A