Midwest Committees

Below is a list of committees, their description, the Chair's name and phone number and the regular meeting date & time.
[NOTE: The regular meeting may change, so check the calendar found on our homepage or the newsletter for current times, dates and locations.]

Any member who would like to join a committee is welcome.

Committee descriptions are limited to the official charter description in the appropriate SPEEA governing document, per the Executive Board Communications Committee. Members are encouraged to contact a committee officer or attend a meeting for additional information.

Governing Documents Committee

Chair: Emily Forest - (316) 523-4341
Vice-Chair: R. Matthew Joyce - (316) 207-7121
Secretary: Donna Lehane - (316) 526-7009

Meeting Time: 3rd Tuesday of every month at 4 p.m.

Develops changes it deems necessary, based on its own review of the Governing Documents and/or request of the Midwest Regional Council or other governing body. Reviews Midwest Regional Council action for inclusion in the Midwest Regional Policy Manual. Recommends and proposes new policies as the need arises.

Legislative & Public Affairs Committee

Chair: Matthew Joyce - (316) 207-7121
Vice-Chair: Keith Covert - (316) 523-3017
Secretary: Donna Lehane - (316) 526-7009

Meeting Time: 3rd Monday at 4:30 p.m.

Analyzes pending government legislation and candidates’ positions and their impact on SPEEA and our members. Investigates and plans associations with regard to legislative activities. The committee presents its findings and recommendations to the SPEEA Midwest Council for action.

Membership Activities Committee

Chair: Pat Clough - (316) 523-1503
Aaron Kitterman - (316) 523-4703
Secretary: Daryl Doshier - (316) 393-0280

Meeting Time: 1st Thursday at 4:
15 p.m.

Responsible for planning & implementing social activities for the Midwest membership.

Tellers Committee

Chair: David Driver - (316) 733-4048
Vice-Chair: Nancy Kendrick - (316) 523-3267
Revello Reser - (316) 523-6362

Meeting Time:

The Regional Tellers are responsible for teller activities of the Region and the installation of the Regional Council and its members.