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The policies which govern our union are formed and determined by the SPEEA and Regional Councils. The SPEEA Council acts on behalf of the entire membership (all bargaining units). The Northwest (NW) Regional Council forms policy for bargaining units at The Boeing Company and Triumph Composite Systems. The Midwest (MW) Regional Council is the policy-determining body for the bargaining units at Spirit AeroSystems.

The Councils consist of member-elected delegates or Council Representatives (Council Rep, “CR”) and delegate-elected Council Officers who serve a two-year term. The term begins at the Council meeting held in May of odd years.

The SPEEA Council meets the second Thursday of every January, March, June and October. The Northwest and Midwest Council meetings are held the second Thursday of February, April, May, July, August, September, November and December.

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Council Officers

The SPEEA and Regional Council Officers (chair, treasurer, and secretary) are elected at the successive SPEEA and Regional Council meetings. The chair is the presiding officer of the Council meetings. The treasurer is responsible for the Council funds and is accountable to the SPEEA treasurer. The secretary is the recording officer and record custodian. The Council Officers meet each month, prior to every Council meeting to discuss any motions or business and decide on the final agenda.

SPEEA and Regional Council Officers


Council Representatives

The SPEEA Tellers break down the population into geographical districts producing a Council delineation. For every 200 members in each district, there is a Council Representative (Council Reps, CR) position created. Council Reps are a vital link between SPEEA and members, as well as the co-workers they represent and the employer.

Every odd year, or as vacancies occur, members who wish to serve as their district Council Rep submit a petition and statement to SPEEA. The SPEEA Tellers validate each petition and statement for compliance. An election is conducted if more than one valid petition is submitted for the same Council seat. To serve as a Council Rep, a member must be in continuous good standing for the preceding twelve month period. Extensive training is provided to all new Council Reps as well as ongoing training.

The CR role is comprised of eight key responsibilities:

• Contract enforcement
• Discipline and performance issues
• Grievance handling/Investigations/Interviews
• Participate as Council delegate to formulate policy for SPEEA
• Participation in partnership forums
• Information/Education
• Membership support
• Recruitment

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Area Representatives

Area Representatives (Area Reps, ARs) are key players within the SPEEA network. Like Council Reps, an Area Rep is a member leader who chose to take an active role with SPEEA. They serve the same two-year term, but volunteer for their role instead of an election process. There is no limit to the number of Area Reps in each district – the more the better!

Area Reps provide support to Council Representatives by:

• Assisting with communications within the district – emails, fliers/publications, and monitoring bulletin boards.
• Assisting with holding meetings in the workplace.
• Welcoming new members and encouraging them to get involved with SPEEA.
• Connecting members with their Council Rep.
• Assisting Council Rep with contract enforcement.
• Learning about SPEEA’s governing structure and history to help educate members.

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SPEEA and Regional Committees

Council committees perform the preliminary work for consideration of the respective Councils. There are standing committees and special committees appointed for a limited time. The committees consist of SPEEA members and the elected officers. SPEEA committees reform and elect new officers following the Council meeting each May. The Northwest and Midwest committees reform and elect new officers following the Council meeting each May of odd years.

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