Council Rep Election for 2015-2017
See below for the names of petitioners, including those who face an election for a Council Rep seat in their district.

Results for Council Rep
elections in 8 districts

SPEEA Northwest Tellers counted ballots April 22 to determine winners in nine districts with contested races. Ballots are due April 24 for the race in District E-12 and ballots are due May 12 for District R-1.

All SPEEA Council Reps will be seated for new two-year terms at the May 14 regional Council meetings.

If you reside in a district with a vacancy and have been a SPEEA member for at least the preceding 12 months, you are eligible to run. To find or confirm your district, see the 2015-2017 delineation and submit your petition and statement (in case of an election) by noon, Tuesday, May 12 to

Campaigning for union office

Federal law prohibits candidates for union office from utilizing union or company resources in the conduct of their election campaigns.  This means it is inappropriate to campaign on company time and use employer resources such as paper, copy machines or the mail system.  Additionally, the Company e-mail system is considered an employer resource and should not be utilized for campaign purposes.

The prohibition against using employer resources, such as the e-mail system, to promote candidates for union office applies to all situations where resources are used to promote a candidate(s) regardless of whether the party using the employer resource is running for union office. The use of union bulletin boards for campaigning is also prohibited.

Northwest Council Representatives
Contested races are marked in yellow

District # of
Petitioner Vote Count
A-10 2 Angel A. Leon 29
    Clay F. Deshner 26
    Bill Barrett 48
A-20 1 Lawrence (Larry) Wywadis  
A-30 1 Michael Dickson 8
    Douglas A. Brazeal 16
A-40 1 David C. Baine 27
    Mike Arrington 9
Bellevue - Issaquah
B-10 3 Evan Wipf  
    Richard Ogden  
    Ernie White  
B-20 1 Vacant  
Developmental Center
D-1 4 Kathy Low 76
    Daniel R. Artz 51
    Kerth Downs 45
    Jim Lee 75
    Phil Songcuan 36
    Hugh Glaser 49
D-2 1 Vacant  
D-3 3 Andy Fixman  
    Justin Doh  
D-4 1 Vacant  
D-5 2 Andrew Alenski  
    Rebekah Hewitt  
D-6 1 Ronald D. Mathes  
D-10 2 Craig A. Lindberg  
    Frank Troth  
E-1 2 W. Mark Worden  
E-2 recount 1 Ray Jensen 14
    Robert Sutton 43
E-3 2 Steve Rundus  
    Kurt Schuetz  
E-6 2 Juan Zepeda  
    Reagan E. Roth  
E-8 1 Vacant  
E-10 3 Roger Pullman  
E-11 4 Vacant  
E-12 new 1 Dan Torney 19
    Tammy Haughey 20
E-13 3 Mahliek Barnes  
    Jack J. Liu  
E-14 1 Bruce W. Van Meter  
E-15 3 Rich Madrid  
    Ron D. Smith  
    Chris Waybright  
E-17 2 Pat Damron  
    Gail Evert  
E-18 1 Sandra M. Hastings  
E-21 2 Mike Shea  
E-22 1 Colleen Ronan  
E-23 3 James Raskob  
    Roderick A. Siders  
E-24 1 Tami Reichersamer  
E-25 1 Vacant  
E-26 1 Vacant  
E-27 1 Julie Sweeney  
E-28 1 Vacant  
E-29 3 Janice Goegan  
District # of
Petitioner Vote Count
Everett - continued
E-30 2 James Applebee 18
    Christopher J. Young 27
    Lynn Burow 4
    Desmond J. Eskridge 17
E-31 4 Carolyn M. Wilson  
    Nikki J. Wagener  
    Mey I. King  
    David Fritz  
E-32 2 Amanda Correll  
    Dan C. Nowlin  
E-33 2 Vacant  
E-35 3 Chris McMuldroch  
    Ryan Jin Huang  
E-37 1 Michael G. Studebaker  
E-50 1 Brandt N. Castleton  
E-60 2 Suzanne Kamiya  
    Tom Kummer  
K-1 1 Michelle Cooper  
K-2 1 Vacant  
K-3 1 Lawrence Stockwell  
K-7 2 Thomas A. Krogel  
Plant 2
P-1 2 Gordon Yip  
    Manny Psilovikos  
P-2 2 Joseph G. Asaif  
P-3 2 Luci A. Hood  
P-5 2 Theryl (TJ) Johnson  
    Carrie Rule  
P-10 1 Rick Yost  
R-1 1 Rick A. Hoffman TBD
    Walt Ditlefsen  
R-2 1 Chris F. Yeaton  
R-3 2 Vacant  
R-4 1 Michael Burdette  
R-20 2 Jeffrey L. Forbes 13
    Dan Sergent 11
    Deena Hougham 51
    Charles Tatel 52
R-40 1 John McLaren  
R-50 5 Orlando De Los Santos  
    Richard Mahoney  
    Mark Friesen  
Thompson Site
T-10 1 Matt V. Nguyen  
X-10 1 Roger Aisaka  
Second Shift
AS-10 1 Vacant  
Plant 2, Dev. Center
DS-10 1 Vacant  
Everett Plant
ES-10 1 Mohammed Khan 6
    Bruce A. Liomin 13
RS-10 1 Vacant  
Remote Sites
C-10 1 Jonathan Vanover  
O-10 2 Emily L. Brent-Fulps  
Spokane - Triumph
W-1 1 Tim Conley  
U-1 1 Fred Stringham