Sept 3, 2013



To:                   NW Council Representatives


From:              Joel Funfar (NW VP), Dave Baine (A-40), Orlando De Los Santos (R-50), Gordon Yip (P-1), Theryl Johnson (P-5), Brent McFarlane (E-22), Mahliek Barnes (E-13) Tony Hickerson (K-2), Ron Mathes (D-6), Judy Mogan (A-10), Dennis Davaz (E-14), Janet Covarrubias (E-2), Sandy Hastings (E-18), Suzanne Kamiya (E-60), Charles Tatel (R-20), Roger Aisaka (X-10)


Subject:           Pre-Submitted New Business:  Support of SPFPA Local 5 facing outsourcing of Boeing guards to non-union contracted Guards.



SPEEA members have enjoyed being protected by professional, quality, union guards at Boeing.

Boeing Guards are represented by International Union, Security, Police, Fire professionals of America (SPFPA), Local 5.

 Local 5, SPFPA has been in existence since 1956 and has approximately 210 Security Officers & Dispatchers working in Washington State. These Security Officers provide site protection at several plants in the Puget Sound for the Boeing Aircraft Company. On 7/18/2013 Boeing announced to SPFPA that Boeing was immediately implementing provisions of Letter of Understanding (LOU) No 1 of their CBA. Boeing will outsource the work to Allied Barton. The remaining SPFPA union guards will work in Everett, and Seattle, Tukwila and Developmental Center areas. Allied Barton will take over security in Renton, Auburn, Fredrickson, Longacres, and Bellevue. 146 guards hired before Nov. 22, 2006 will keep their jobs. At least 64 or more will face layoff. The Puget Sound area plants are the last of Boeing’s sites to retain uniformed security in-house. Boeing began outsourcing security elsewhere around the country in October 2007.

AlliedBarton, headquartered in Conshohocken, Penn., has provided security at most Boeing sites nationwide since March 2011.

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It is moved that the NW SPEEA Council supports SPFPA Local 5. The NW Council requests the Executive Board provide Staff with direction to take steps in informing our members about the outsourcing of Boeing union guards via our publications and information networks and urge our members to thank the union guards that are members of SPFPA Local 5.

It is further moved that the Northwest Council supports SPFPA in future contract negotiations that they will have with Boeing in 2017.