April 29, 2013




To:                   Northwest Regional Council Members


From:              Northwest Regional Council Officers


Subject:           Pre-Submitted New Business: Extension of Training Requirements



NW Regional Council members are required to attend this year’s SPEEA Refresher Training/Leadership Conference on Saturday June 8th per our SPEEA Constitution and NW Regional Policy.


SPEEA Constitution

2.3.3. Training

Each Council Representative and Executive Board Member will hold that position for a term of office if a training course on grievance handling is completed within two months of being seated and annual refresher training is completed within two-months of the anniversary of elections. For adequate cause, the two-month period may be extended to a four-month maximum period Regional Vice Presidents shall require a 2/3rd-majority vote of a Regional Council. Such approval for the SPEEA President, Treasurer, and Secretary shall require a 2/3 rd -majority vote of the SPEEA Council.


SPEEA NW Regional Policy


1.,b. Refresher Training/Leadership Conference -- For each additional year on the Northwest Regional Council, each Council Representative or Regional Vice President, if not required to participate in the Basic Training, must participate in the Leadership Conference.


If you cannot attend you will need to be excused and need an extension that will give you until September 9th to do the make up.


IT IS MOVED: THE SPEEA NW Regional Council excuses the following NW Regional Council Delegates from attending this year's SPEEA Refresher Training/Leadership Conference and grants them a 4 month extension from today’s date.



Amanda Dane       E-18




SPEEA Constitution 2.3.3 Training - requires a 2/3rd majority vote of the Northwest Council