July 2, 2012




To:                   NW Council Representatives


From:              Joel Funfar (P2)


Subject:           Pre-Submitted New Business:  Support of IFPTE Pre-Submitted Convention Resolutions





SPEEA Northwest region sends delegates to the IFPTE convention.  The Motions can be pre-submitted or submitted at the convention. Also the motions can be changed by committees of the IFPTE convention before they are given to the delegates to vote on.






For more information:






It is moved that the NW SPEEA Council recommends that NW IFPTE delegates support the pre-submitted motions on the IFPTE WEB site, and trusts the delegates to caucus and decide on these motions if changed prior to the vote, or if modified by motions raised during debate on motions.


It is further moved the delegates report back to the council the motions they voted on.