November 30, 2012






To:                   NW Council Representatives


From:              Women’s Advocacy Committee


Subject:          PRE-SUBMITTED NEW BUSINESS:  Revision of WAC Budget Line Item



On 10/31/2012, the NW Women’s Advocacy Committee (WAC) provided the committee’s input for the draft NW FY 2013 budget to the NW Council Officers (CO).  


On 11/13/2012, the NW CO’s informed the committee officers that they were reducing  the WAC Budget for Coalition of Union Labor Women (CLUW) Convention line item by 50% and that any additional attendees will require a motion to the council prior to passing the budget.


Normally, CLUW has 3NEB’s (National Executive Board). One NEB is at the Biennial Convention (Od years) CLUW has currently changed to 2 NEB’s (one at the Convention). We have usually had at least 2 members attend the NEB’s and up to 3 attend the Convention. That would be at least 6 participation in the NEBs/Convention. By increasing the Convention participation by 2, we will still have 6 members involved and 4 will have the Opportunity to attend the workshops, for special training.


In every odd year’s budget input, the committee requests four people and the NW CO’s refer to prior years’ budget as rational to limit participation.  The committee then petitions the Executive Board for additional budget to send more participants to the bi-annual convention.  The committee wishes to end this cycle.


Listed below is the itemization for two additional CLUW Convention participants:


Item                              Total           Per person               # People

Hotel                            $2,500              $1,500                          2

Flight                            $700                 $350                             2

Meals                           $480                 $240                             2

Registration                  $400                 $200                             2

Transportation               $100                 $50                               2

SPEEA time                     80                    40                               2


Grand Total       ===è   $4,180 plus 80 hours SPEEA time




It is moved: The NW Council approves the following revision to the FY 2013 WAC budget line item entitled “CLUW Convention” from $4,180 to $8,360 and “80 hours to 160 hours of SPEEA time.