November 10th, 2011


To:                  Northwest Council Delegates

From:              Northwest Governing Documents Committee

Subject:           PRE-SUBMITTED NEW BUSINESS:  Revision of Northwest Policy Manual VIII-B ‘Negotiation Preparation Activities’



The Northwest Negotiation Preparation Committee provides the membership with information on the negotiation process and Negotiation Team training and prepares final reports with recommendations to the Negotiation Team and the Northwest Council

The Negotiation Preparation Committee recommends revising Northwest Policy to help assure that information and reports of detailed training plans, accomplishments and recommendations do not make public any sensitive negotiation strategy or tactics. 

The Northwest Governing Documents committee hereby submits a proposed revision of Section VIII B 1.a.(3) and VIII B 1.d. of the Northwest Policy Manual.


It is moved that: THE SPEEA Northwest COUNCIL approves REVISING NORTHWEST POLICY VIII-B titled ‘Negotiation Preparation Activities’.

Proposed changes to section VIII B 1.a.(3), 1.a.(3)(c), 1.a.(3)(d), 1.d.(1), and 1.d.(3) follow, additions are underlined, and deletions are struck through:


(3) Provide, to the membership, written information describing at least the

 following, providing disclosure does not compromise SPEEA’s bargaining

 position nor reveal sensitive information:

   (a) The exact nature of the collective bargaining process…

   (b) The process of negotiation preparation.

   (c) A clear general outline of the training to be received by the Negotiation Team


(d) A summary of the specific contract goals.


d. Prepare the following final reports:

  (1) Report to the Negotiation Team recommending changes recommendations,

   including changes to the contracts and providing information relative to

   negotiation strategy.

  (2) Report to the Council summarizing the report to the Negotiation Team but excluding

   sensitive items.

  (3) Document the important material developed by the Negotiations Preparation

   Committee; including recommendations for future training and a summary of

   student's evaluations of training received.