May 2, 2011


To:                   SPEEA Northwest Council Delegates

From:              SPEEA Northwest Governing Documents Committee

Subject:           PRE-SUBMITTED NEW BUSINESS: Approve publishing for comment proposed SPEEA Northwest By-Laws



The SPEEA Northwest Governing Documents Committee has drafted and approved proposed SPEEA Northwest By-Laws

The text of the proposed By-Laws is attached.

The process for approval is:

  1.  The proposed By-Laws are submitted to the Northwest Council.
  2. The Northwest Council approves publication for membership review by a majority vote of those at the meeting.
  3. The proposed By-Laws are published in the Newsletter or equivalent publication at least twice.
  4. The Northwest Governing Documents Committee collects and addresses comments.
  5. The proposed By-Laws are submitted to a future Northwest Council meeting.
  6. A 2/3rd majority of Council Members at the meeting who are eligible to vote is required for approval.
  7. Upon approval, the By-Laws will be effective at the next Northwest Council meeting.



It is moved that: THE SPEEA Northwest COUNCIL approves PUBLISHING THE PROPOSED SPEEA northwest BY-LAWS.