July 5, 2011



To:†††††††††††††††††† Northwest Council Members


From:††††††††††††† Roger Aisaka, X-1

Fred Stringham

CR†††††† U-1

Theryl Johnson

CR†††††† K-9

Mark Peltier

CR†††††† E-11

Brendan Boyle

CR†††††† D-3

Ron Mathes

CR†††††† D-6

Rick Hoffman

CR†††††† R-7

Tony Laffranchi

CR†††††† R-70

Rick Yost

CR†††††† P-10

Richard Greene

CR†††††† DS-10

Gail Evert

CR†††††† E-29

Sean Peters

CR†††††† E-10

Kurt Schuetz

CR†††††† E-3

Rod Siders

CR†††††† E-23

Bob Wilkerson

CR†††††† R-50

Matt Nguyen

CR†††††† R-10

Brent McFarlane

CR†††††† E-22

Ingrid Lapins

CR ††††† R-50

Dave Baine

CR†††††† A-40

Sandy Hastings

CR†††††† E-18

Roni Schaffer

CR†††††† R-20

Larry Muramoto

CR†††††† R-3

Gordon Yip

CR†††††† K-7

Jim Bailie

CR†††††† R-4

Joel Funfar

CR†††††† P-2

Julie Sweeney

CR†††††† E-27

Charles Tatel

CR†††††† R-20

Ernie White

CR†††††† R-2

Jim Lee

CR†††††† D-1

Lynn Reynolds

CR†††††† A-30

Becky Hewitt

CR†††††† D-1

Jerry DiLeonardo

CR†††††† D-10

Luci Hood

CR†††††† P-3


Subject:†††††††††† PRE-SUBMITTED NEW BUSINESS:Printing of Contract Books




SPEEA is running low on contract books.We should always have contract books on hand.A SPEEA contract book should be offered to all new hire members, and available to all members upon request.

Membership dues are currently $37.38 per month.Running out of books is not acceptable.

Friday Boeing New Hire Orientations:
May 6, 2011 - 29 people went through Boeing orientation.

May 13, 2011 - 90 people went through Boeing orientation.

May 20, 2011 - 127 people went through Boeing orientation.

May 27, 2011 - 73 people went through Boeing orientation.12 interns & 61 regular hires. 

June 3, 2011 - 112 people went through Boeing orientation. 68 interns & 44 regular hires

June 10, 2011 - 79 people went through Boeing orientation 22 interns & 57 regular hires

Ö.†† In 6 weeks = 510 * $37.38 = $19,063.80.

From the June 2011 Treasurerís Report, we have approximately $7,000,000 in cash and reserves.Contract books need to be available.

It is the strong conviction of the CRís listed above, that our prime mission is to serve the SPEEA membership as best as we can with the resources available to us.The non-availability of contracts books does a disservice to our members and reflects poorly on our priorities.




It is moved THAT THE NW COUNCIL authorize the spending of SPEEA funds to cover the cost of printing more SPEEA contract books.Cost not to exceed $20,000.