2017 Candidates for Executive Board - Vice President

Position Statement Questions from candidates

2. What do you see as the primary challenges the NW region faces and what are your solutions?
3. What experience and skills would you bring to the Executive Board?
4. How will you represent the NW region as a regional Vice President?
5. Why are you interested in the Vice President position?

John Dimas Justin Doh William Mark Worden Mike Shea Dan Nowlin Shannon Deacon*

De Los Santos

3. What experience and skills would you bring to the Executive Board?
John Dimas

My journey with SPEEA began in 2005, when I was hired as a Design Engineer by The Boeing Company, with 747 Electrical Wire Installation. Around 2013, I was loaned out to work on cost improvements for Airplane Systems groups on 747 and 777. In late 2015, I began in my latest role as a Systems Engineer with Airplane Development, first as an Affordability Engineer for 777x Systems and now developing software for use on airplane programs. Outside of work, I was around 2006, President of the local chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), Puget Sound Chapter. It was thru SHPE PSC that I helped middle school students build boats for the annual Milk Carton Derby at Green Lake. More recently, I was a board member for a local non-profit, that serves adults with developmental disabilities or special John Dimas (for Vice President) needs. My main task was to write grants for the organization and in the first year raised over $9000. In early 2015, I became a Council Representative for first the factory and then the BOMARC at the Boeing Everett Site. I also sit on the Everett Roundtable Planning committee, where we plan quarterly meetings with Everett Site Council Representatives and The Boeing Company discussing issues affecting SPEEA members at the Everett Site.

Justin Doh

No response provided by the candidate.

William Mark Worden

As a former member of the Governing Documents Committee I understand the rules under which our union operates far better than most.

I am not shy about speaking up and being heard; I represent my members first and foremost; whether a single member in an investigation, my district at the Council or the NW region.

I will continue to seek member input, ask anyone from my former or current districts; I am always asking what is on people’s minds. I know how to use the vote buttons on the e-mail to solicit information, data is power.

I will work with the other Executive Board members to stay focused on the tasks at hand.

Mike Shea

My experience includes over 19 years at Boeing, about 7 years as a SPEEA Tech and 12 years as a SPEEA Prof. I’ve also worked previously in a nonunion corporate environment. I’ve seen the difference.

I served 8 years as an officer in the US Army. I hold a BBA degree in Management. I have the leadership skills, training and experience to forge the special trust, confidence, and unity that soldiers need for military success. I shall transfer this experience to forge a more united and stronger SPEEA.

I’ve been elected to serve as an officer of several committees. I served as 2016 Negotiations Preparation Committee Prof Co-Chairman, Negotiations Team Nominating Committee Vice Chairman, and BUNS Committee Everett Co-Chairman. I didn’t participate in the Executive Board’s contract extension negotiations, but in parallel I led preparation efforts to ensure all elements would be in place to seamlessly resume contract negotiations if the extension offers were not accepted.

I served on the 2016 Interim NW VP Nominating Committee to fill an unscheduled NW VP vacancy.

As Council Representative, I’ve successfully represented numerous employees facing potential disciplinary action. I regularly seek feedback from my district members to vote on Council motions. I’ve worked with management, HR, and SPEEA staff to correct other issues from building maintenance and safety to resolving a pay discrepancy for a retired SPEEA employee.

My combined experience as a Council Representative, my leadership of a variety of SPEEA committees including ACT, my previous service as Everett Site Assembly Secretary, and my service with IFPTE Veterans Committee provides me with a broad perspective of SPEEA and IFPTE relationships to serve effectively as NW VP.

Dan Nowlin

I have served in positions where I have had opportunity to engage with the company executives. This has given me opportunity to meet with our local leadership team and express our concerns. It is my objective to create a working relationship with our local regional leadership, so that we can find common ground to reduce the conflict and develop a better working relationship. I am on the Partnership Leadership team and am active at the Everett site with the Everett Site Assembly and the Everett Roundtable.

Shannon Deacon*

I believe that I bring a unique skill set and experiences to the Executive Board team.

Engineer: knack for attention to detail

Black Belt in Martial Arts: confident and respectful approach to discussions

Private Pilot License: understand airplanes and remain calm in high pressure situations

Female: multi-tasking abilities and heightened situational awareness

Millennial Generation: alternative generational result driven perspective and viewpoint

Orlando De Los Santos

Here is what I bring to the table:

  1. Professional and Personal Development skills: I am currently the Northwest Council Treasure, employing these skills in order to accomplish Council initiatives and directives.
    In addition, I contribute to the development and mentoring of future SPEEA leaders wherever possible.

  2. Communication skills: I am a good listener and will respond to any concern that any member brings to me.

  3. Dedication and Integrity: I will take the challenge, as I have being the Northwest Council Treasure.

I have participated at one time or another, in all SPEEA committees as either a member or a committee officer. I also regularly attend Executive Board Meeting and have gained a greater appreciation and understating of the importance of a Northwest Regional Vice President. My goal is that I’ve made a difference in SPEEA