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SPEEA recommends members REJECT the Boeing contract offers

Faced with contract offers that are nothing less than full-scale assaults on engineers and technical workers, your Professional and Technical Negotiation Teams unanimously and strongly recommend members vote to reject Boeing’s disrespectful contract offers.

During a special meeting today, the Professional and Technical Bargaining Unit Councils (BUCs) also cast unanimous votes recommending rejection. The Professional BUC voted 72 to 0 and the Technical BUC voted 48 to 0 to recommend rejection. Ballots are now being prepared and are scheduled for mailing to members later this week. Votes will be counted after 5 p.m. on Oct. 1.

From wage pools that are the lowest since 1975, increased out-of-pocket costs for medical benefits and drastically changing retiree benefits, the Boeing offers cut away the purchasing power and contract rights of our 23,000 represented employees in the SPEEA Professional and Technical bargaining units. The company wants to strip disability and life insurance from those on military leave. Boeing even inserted language into its offers that would allow the company to cancel medical coverage for retirees and allow the layoff of experienced employees so that they can be replaced by future hires. For a company experiencing record profits, orders and financial success, this proposal fails at every level to recognize our contributions or respect the professionalism and dedication we bring to work each day.

A strong rejection by members of these contract offers will send a loud message to Boeing corporate leaders that they must return to negotiations ready to actually negotiate a contract that respects our contributions.

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This ballot is an up or down vote on the merits of the contract offer. A strike vote could come later. It is our hope that a strong rejection of these disrespectful contract offers will make it clear to Boeing that it must stop attacking its engineers and technical workers and negotiate an offer that respects our contributions to the company’s success.

SPEEA Proposal to Boeing Boeing Contract Offer - Annotated Boeing Contract Offer as Submitted
Full proposal SPEEA presented to Boeing on June 15. SPEEA annotated version of
Boeing's Contract offer.
Full Boeing contract offer
presented on Sept. 13.
Professional Unit   Professional Unit
Prof Boeing Redline with SPEEA notes Contract Redline - pdf
Prof & Tech Attachment A with SPEEA notes Full_Benefits_Boeing_Proposal
Technical Unit   Technical Unit
Contract Redline - pdf
Prof & Tech Attachment A with SPEEA notes Full_Benefits_Boeing_Proposal
Tech Attachment B with SPEEA notes Early_Retiree_Medical_
Side Letters   Boeing contract offer elements

Further explanation of the above matrix.

On June 15, 2012, SPEEA met with the company and provided a comprehensive proposal. Full and complete redlines of the Professional Proposal and Technical Proposal were given to Boeing, including an Attachment A for active employees and an Attachment B for retirees

On Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012, Boeing provided SPEEA with a complete contract offer. The contract offer is missing Attachments A and B.  Instead of an Attachment A, the company provided a full benefits proposal matrix for active employees and a full benefits proposal matrix for early retirees. In addition to the matrices, the company provided an estimated rate sheet.

SPEEA negotiators and staff worked through the weekend and developed a summary of the offer and annotated versions of the company’s Professional Offer and Technical Offer. Staff also developed annotated versions of attachment A for active employees and attachment B for retirees.

The SPEEA bargaining unit council for each respective bargaining unit met and each unanimously voted to recommend members reject the Boeing contract offers. The Professional Negotiation Team and the Technical Negotiation Team each provided written recommendations to reject.

The negotiation teams jointly sent a letter to Boeing to express how frustrated they are with the process to date and the disrespectful offers. .