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Lunchtime Meetings Schedule

October 8, 2012
Boeing charged with ULPs

Prof and Tech negotiation teams scheduled the next meeting with Boeing for Wednesday (Oct. 10) as efforts continue to reach agreement on new contracts.

The meeting is scheduled as SPEEA filed two Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charges against Boeing to protect members’ rights to engage in concerted activities to support our negotiation teams. The charges were filed Friday in the NLRB Seattle office after Boeing videotaped members during union activities. The company also seized a camera and deleted photos of the activities.

The National Labor Relation Act (NLRA) protects employees’ rights to engage in these concerted (union) activities and prohibits employers from interfering.

“Taking video of employees on a lunchtime march is nothing more than intimidation and harassment,” said Ray Goforth, SPEEA executive director. “The company has no legitimate reason to confiscate cameras and delete photos.”

Marches ranged from a few dozen employees to more than 2,500 at the Everett plant. SPEEA continues to gather information about the surveillance and photo seizing and is asking members to document and report incidents to SPEEA staffer Carrie Blackwood at:

Filed at the Seattle office of the NLRB, the first Unfair Labor Practice charge reads: “…the Employer has engaged in surveillance of protected concerted activity and has otherwise interfered with that activity by videotaping and photographing employees engaged in peaceful, protected concerted activity in Portland, OR.”

The second charge reads: “… the Employer has interfered with members engaging in protected concerted activity by confiscating photographs taken by employees of other employees engaging in protected concerted activity.”

Wednesday’s negotiations meeting is expected to be more extensive than the short meeting held last week after the overwhelming rejections of Boeing’s contract offers.