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Protecting your rights - August 22, 2012
Boeing violates labor law during orientation

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SPEEA filed Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charges against The Boeing Company on Tuesday (Aug. 21) after a representative from Boeing Ethics, during new hire orientation on Friday (Aug. 17), told employees they are prohibited from saying “bad things” about their employment. Such discussions by union members are protected by the National Labor Relation Act (NLRA). Employers’ efforts to curb these discussions violate federal law. 

In addition to this obvious violation of labor law, SPEEA has received numerous complaints from employees about managers telling them to remove and not display union material at their personal workstation. Employees also report finding union-related items removed from individual work areas when they arrive at work each day.

SPEEA asks members to document any such conversations with managers or the removal of items from their desks and then relay the information to union officials. Report questionable conversations with managers or when they find union material removed from work areas.

SPEEA Contract Administrator James Moreau is compiling the information. Send information to: